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8 mei 2020 - 31 mei 2020

75th anniversary of the end of the World War II in Europe: Sitenský - Lom

The Czech Centres, on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the end of the Second World War in Europe and the 80th anniversary of the Czechoslovak RAF squadrons, proudly present an exclusive online photo exhibition Wings by Ladislav Sitenský. The exhibition shows an unique set of photographs from the Czechoslovak squadron of the British Royal Air Force during the World War II. Besides of that you have the chance to watch a special interview with Mr. Tomáš Lom, Czechoslovak RAF veteran.

Ladislav Sitenský

Ladislav Sitenský was a significant Czech photographer of the 20th century. The spectrum of topics of his work is very broad but among his most famous works is a set of his photographs from the World War II, that he part of as a member of the Czechoslovak Fighter Squadron RAF. Photographs of this set completely deviate from the usual documentary work with their unique artistic quality. Other central themes of his work were also Prague, landscape photography and people. He was awarded by prestigious art prizes such as the Gold Medal for a set of photographs at the World Fair Art in Brussels in 1958 or the Medal for merit to the state in the area of culture and arts.

Article about Ladislav Sitenský in Radio Prague



Photo exhibition "Wings"

The exhibition "Wings (Perutě)" by Ladislav Sitenský presents a unique collection of photographs from Czechoslovak RAF squadrons. Ladislav Sitenský really wanted to become a pilot, but in the end he fought mainly through the lens, with the camera. His photographs show the arrival of Nazi troops in Prague, Czechoslovak soldiers in France, Czechoslovak pilots with their aircrafts in Britain and the end of World War II. Even though they are war photographs, they do not directly show the horror of war and death, but rather the poetry of life: snowflakes, fluffy clouds, glittering morning dew...and that's what makes these images so strong. What's more, behind each of these photos is a story. So let us be drawn into the powerful play of light and shadow in these beautiful black and white photographs by Ladislav Sitenský. Let us listen to the stories they tell and which remind us how valuable our freedom is.



Tomáš Lom - Czechoslovak RAF veteran


Tomáš Lom in interview with Hana Bergmannová Klímová


Very special thanks to Tomáš Lom, Adéla Kándlová, Hana Bergmannová Klímová and all others who participated in this unique project.



Van: 8 mei 2020
T/m: 31 mei 2020

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